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My name is Beata, an economy degree, I was professionally involved in the real estate market and banking. You ask - where does the fashion come from now? As is often the case, my adventure with fashion started by accident and I had no plans for a longer relationship with it. That's why I wouldn't say that I had dreamed of sewing clothes since I was a child, but I certainly dreamed of a job that would give me freedom to make decisions, independence, no dress code and no specific working hours.

Even the brand name is a coincidence related to the private Cabo San Lucas vacation plan at the time. And since the cabo.com internet domain was taken, it fell on bycabo.com. Mexican Cabo seduced me with its charm, colors and atmosphere. The perfect place for volumious dresses with frills, light, airy, ultra-feminine. It was 2014, when not everyone sewed dresses with flounces, and silk ones, but girls wanted to wear them, in our country. And that's how it started. I sewed the first frill dress.

From the very beginning, I wanted these things to be somehow different, unique, and certainly of good quality - carefully sewn from natural fabrics. That is why byCabo clothes are sewn in Polish sewing factories, which know the tailoring craft well, employ specialists, and most of the fabrics come from Italy. Each year I prepare 2 collections: spring / summer and autumn / winter, sometimes adding mini inter-season collections.

During these several years, the brand has been appreciated by stylists, fashion magazines, and above all, it has gained a constantly growing group of customers in Poland and abroad. They give me the most satisfaction and joy in what I do.

After all, I like my job very much. And I hope that the most beautiful dress is still ahead of me.